The most legendary MotoGP riders

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The most legendary MotoGP riders

Since the beginning of MotoGP in 1949, the top category of the World Motorcycling Championship, there have been many MotoGP riders who have performed feats throughout the length and breadth of the various circuits. Some of them have been memorable and have gone down in the history of motorcycling either for the titles they won or for the personality they showed in the races. In this article you will learn about some of the most legendary riders in the history of competition.

  1. MotoGP riders: Casey Stoner

The Australian was an irregular rider during his first years of competition in MotoGP due to his continuous crashes as a result of his aggressive style. But his time with Ducati made him a legend, thanks to Birdgestone tires. His pathological pains forced him to retire at the age of 27.

MotoGP riders

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